About This Blog

Anyone who knows me will understand that for over a year, I have been deeply involved in the fight by The Criminal Bar, to resist the destruction of the Criminal Justice System, by what I see as political opportunism.

I for one, will not see my profession, and the public, betrayed by politicians with no understanding of how a proper Justice System operates, and an ideological lust to destroy, rather than evolve, that which the public deserve. An efficient and properly funded Legal Aid Profession.

We are now under attack like never before, and the events of this last few days, to me, demonstrate just how determined the Government is to stifle opposition by forcing the CBA into accepting an ultimatum that is in nobody’s best interests other than Chris Grayling.

I welcome contributions. i will publish all of them, unless they are merely abusive.

The title of this blog is not accidental either.


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