Statistics, Vote Leave statistics, and lies.

“The Letter very materially misleads the public. Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and Iain Duncan Smith should immediately disavow the baseless claims to which they have, one hopes inadevertently, put their names.”

Hope springs eternal Jo!

This is not a factional sniping by a self interested politician on the make, this is a factual demolition of a deliberate attempt to mislead the elctorate

Waiting for Godot

As the Institute for Fiscal Studies has stated, there is “near consensus” that Brexit will damage the economy.


On any view the mid-case £30bn is a very substantial sum of money. Illustratively, to recover it by way of income tax would require an increase in the basic rate of income tax to in excess of 26.5%. It represents about 25% of all NHS spending in 2019-2020. To recover it, either the budget deficit target would have to be abandoned, or spending cut, or taxes raised or some combination of all three.

In an effort to address this very serious concern about the effects of a ‘Leave’ vote, leading Brexiteers including Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and Iain Duncan Smith this morning wrote a letter making a number of promises about where in a post-Brexit world funding might be found (the “Letter“).

The Letter can be read here and it states (in particular):

For example, the UK…

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