Crystal Balls!

“See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil…” about the CJS that is. Oh dear. CrimeBarrister nails it yet again. I had thought after the ignominious demise of “Dame” Ursula Brennan that this brand of civil service obfuscation night just be a thing of the past. How naively trusting I was.

My Mid Life Crisis

Realising that I apparently now had psychic powers when it came to the criminal justice system (see my last blog, Guilty Pleasures?) took some getting used to. But happily it seems that I am not alone.

You will no doubt be pleased and relieved to hear that the future of the CJS is in the safe hands of the trio of Richard Heaton, Alison Saunders and Natalie Ceeney. They are, respectively, the Permanent Secretary of the MOJ (reported salary: between £175,000 and £179,999 – source here), the Director of Public Prosecutions (reported salary: £205,000 – source The Telegraph here), and the Chief Executive of HM Courts and Tribunals Service (reported salary: between £180,000 and £184,999 – source here).

So, with a combined annual income of getting on for three quarters of a million pounds, should us hardworking taxpayers have a hope that between them they…

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