Dual Contracts: The Last Stand of the Independent Criminal Bar?

A Crossroads?


Some barristers on Twitter have interpreted the suspension of action announced by the CLSA and LCCSA on 21st August as tantamount to the death warrant for the independent criminal Bar.  They may be right.  I think however that we may still have one more shot at trying to save out futures.

I confess to being surprised that the action has been called-off without anything concrete being offered to solicitors so I can only assume that the leaders of the solicitors’ organisations know what they are doing. They must have something pretty good up their sleeves or the wrath they will face from their colleagues if they simply back down will be like fire from hell.

Of course the 8.75% cut needs to be defeated but the real issue of concern to the criminal Bar remains dual contracts.  For all the arguments between us I think everyone at the criminal Bar…

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