Representing the 96%


The Monday Message for 6th July revealed that 1385 members of the CBA voted in the ballot that wasn’t a ballot because it was just a survey on direct action over dual contracts. The now fabled 96% therefore amounted to 1329 members.   By all accounts that’s about one-third of the total membership in favour of direct action.

I suspect may of you who voted in favour of direct action were pretty angry when you discovered that you had not voted to take action but merely to give the leadership an idea of how militant we might be if pushed.  Especially given that the ‘survey’ had been accompanied by references to support from the solicitors for a return to “no returns”, the need for “the strongest possible mandate” and about being determined to take “decisive action to save our CJS”.  Its well worth re-reading the MM for 5th May which…

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