A message from Michael Turner QC on the Election for CBA Vice Chair

The Election for Vice-Chair

Running along side the most important ballot in the Bar’s history is the ballot for Vice Chair, which I fear might be forgotten.

In many ways it is equally important. In my day, I got a real sense that the Bar welcomed a CBA committee that was accessible, accountable and communicated on time and not in riddles.

The current debate over Dual Contracts has brought into sharp focus the de-fault position of Leaders of the Bar. Although the Bar Council should act as our trade union, God knows we pay them enough money, it never has. Our only such body is the CBA.

The Vice Chair elections represent a polar opposite choice for you in terms of the big question, you can read the candidate position statements here https://www.criminalbar.com/latest-updates/http-criminalbarassociation-wordpress-com/ Depending on your view their stance on that issue might be the deciding factor in your call. However let me leave you with another thought, in fact two thoughts.

The first is to exercise your vote https://www.criminalbar.com/latest-updates/http-criminalbarassociation-wordpress-com/ For reasons that I can not explain the turn out for such ballots has always been frighteningly low. The vote in the survey vote was more than double any vote there has ever been in a vote for Vice Chair

The second is to consider what you want of the CBA.

If, like me you want a CBA who will not only engage with our sister profession but be guided only by the will of it’s members and run its business openly welcoming its members’ views, Mark George QC should be your choice.

You must look after your only body that has the ability to give you a voice, whether it has the will to do so will very much depend on you.

Vote for Mark George QC please, for the good of the CBA and indeed the fight to come.

Michael Turner QC


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