David Wood on Voting Yes

David Wood, an elected member of the CBA Exec under seven years call with probably the best argued blog on the vote yet


In the words of a much younger Dave Grohl, This Is A Call:

a) To the Junior Criminal Bar – vote Yes in the present ballot. The question and indeed the strategy behind it is imperfect, and is not presently geared towards defeating Two Tier, which it should be. However, if the momentum that the present action has generated is not continued, then there is no prospect of our defeating Two Tier before it comes into force. After that, most of us will be unemployed.

b) To the Senior Criminal Bar – it’s quite clear that many of you, although not all, are reluctant to support the solicitors’ action. Please explain how you think the Junior Bar will survive Two Tier if it comes into force, beyond the belief that the MoJ will somehow allow us to recalibrate the Graduated Fee Scheme to ensure our survival. Unless that includes removing…

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