A Plea to the Criminal Bar

This one won’t find its way onto the CBA blog, but it should!


I am the owner of six solicitor criminal practice. I write this further to reading the reported content of Michael Gove’s speech last night.

The honest appraisal of my business is that my colleagues and I do this job to provide for our families. Yes, we still have a sense of vocation, of contributing to the Rule of Law, but nobody whose six numbers came up on the Lotto would stick at this job.

The biggest hit we have taken comes not from the 8.75% cut we took in March last year, a cut that counsel was spared, but as a result of the massive cuts to the police force, who have been treated worse even than ourselves. And this from the political party of Law & Order. When Theresa May berates the Federation for crying wolf, she best remember how that sorry tale ends.

If only the Police could…

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