Michael Turner QC explains why he Votes Yes

What “Do Right, Fear No One” really means, and why as a rallying call it should be preserved, not parodied


It interesting that the motto which became the battle cry of the Bar and has been so eschewed by Tony Cross QC, during his leadership, has been finally dusted off in an effort to support his campaign for a No vote.

The rationale ( appearing from the latest of an increasingly sporadic Monday message ) appears to be three fold;

1) Despite the fact that the Bar voted to return to No Returns by 96 % of those voting, against the implementation of Dual Contracts, solicitors have not taken any action over this issue

The innuendo is that solicitors in fact want to play Russian Roulette and take their chances in reducing current contract numbers to 527. If not the case, they are asked, why do you not withdraw from their bids ?

The only reason that Tony can put forward such an argument is that he has spent so…

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