A Perfect Day

The CBA must be SOOOO fed up with all this sniping from the sidelines. Still, if you have a VHCC that needs sorting, or 10,000 PPE, knocked back by the LAA, their all over it like a cheap suit.
Trouble is, everything’s cheap nowadays.
This is what is happening EVERY day. I know this, it happens to me.
Today I was ready to start a fixture of an ABH, dating back to 2012. Got to court, two Pros Counsel, double booked for a four day trial. One of three eye witnesses told not to come by Witness Care because they thought it was a bad idea she should be in the building with another witness. No request to the court, just to,do her not to come. Trial can’t start. At court all day doing nothing. Judge rejects application to take it out of list. Come back tomorrow “in case” police can find witness. Probably not, she’s run away from home and is in hiding.
But WTF. Who cares if I have TWO consecutive days at court for no Fee.
Doubtless CBA management are hanging on my every word

A view from the North

Make us both a cup of tea and let me tell you about my day….

So off I went to court today ready to prosecute three bail applications, prosecute two sentences and defend in a PCMH. A busy day, much to do.

First stop was Court 10 for my bail applications. Three sets of papers clasped in my hands. Over 150 pages of information read and prepared the night before.

As had another barrister from another set of chambers in Manchester. He had the same three sets of papers. He had prepared the same three bail applications. We both had a “No, no, after you Claude” moment. Ultimately we could not both do them. I lost out in a legal game of paper, rock, scissors. Half my work, gone in the blink of an eye.

I will fast forward a little bit here. I told my clerk of the double…

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