Saving the CJS, one protocol at a time …

If ever there was a blueprint for the way forward, this is it. Time for a bit of sinew stiffening in high places.
We owe it to ourselves, AND everyone affected by the CJS to do this.
Well done Dan

Dan Bunting - A Life in the Bus Lane


Following a discussion on the SUKJ Facebook page as to what defence lawyers can do, I’ve had a bash at a ‘Protocol’ that all defence lawyers can sign up to as to how cases should be conducted.

This recognises that we have a duty under the CPR to ensure the efficient use of Court resources and to minimise disruption to complainants, defendants and other witnesses. We have repeatedly tried to engage the MoJ with this, and have been repeatedly ignored.

In light of that, it seems that we need to take action to resolve this. It may be that some of this seems extreme, but the CJS is collapsing around us. We are not just a cog in a justice-processing machine, we have a response to act.

Going Forward

This is something bashed out on my laptop on the way to Court. Some of it is sensible, some not…

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One thought on “Saving the CJS, one protocol at a time …

  1. I would change ‘response’ to ‘responsibility’; that aside, we know what you mean; thank you for expressing it; nobody with any sense of justice (‘just was’?) could disagree; alas, such body does not include Grayling.
    The very title ‘MoJ’ makes me both wryly laugh and desperately cry these days. All readers (and all non-readers) should be aware that… since, alas, self-interest is the appeal of the day… ‘it could be you’….
    Your very posting this sings of your despair in the matter. It is shared. The Issues range from legal aid clamping to absence of court translation via representatives, appropriate adults and (heaven forbid… but apparently not) ‘evidence’-tampering and those lies, damned lies of statistics which CPS must keep up.
    I note the downslide of CBA also, of course.
    Thank you so much for your post; I will further distribute and hope and expect the same from others.

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