Act in Unison

Jaime ponders the possibilities for unity within the whole profession. He’s not wrong!

A view from the North

In response to my recent blog, Another Step, I received a number of comments along the lines of “how can the solicitors unite?” Now, it is not for me to tell the solicitors how they may go about unifying, but I’ll give it a go anyway!

The Bar always had problems “unifying” before now. The first lesson the Bar had to learn was that unity was not the same as unanimity. We achieved unity by largely acting together but recognised that we would not carry everyone with us. We also learnt that acting together sometimes meant going along with a tactic we did not particularly agree with.

So the solicitors need to forget about having everybody on board. It is not going to happen. They also have to put aside the view that they may have a better idea of how to act. You need one voice announcing the…

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