All that is wrong with the CPR in one form

Dan Bunting - A Life in the Bus Lane


As stated previously, whilst I am a big fan of the CPR in principle, they don’t work at all in practice, and attempting to enforce them is just pissing in the wind. But, if we’ve got them, then we should at least try to comply with them, right?

Anyway, lurking around Court waiting to get on with a brace of PCMHs recently, I was filling out the PCMH form and right there, on page one, you can see the disparity between the defence and the prosecution, and a pretty good indication of why the CPR won’t work until they (or it. Never sure which) are properly reviewed.

PCMH Form photo

What’s wrong with this picture?

The problem here is that the defence have to have a nominated advocate right from the off, the prosecution don’t. The point of the CPR is that we all collaborate to make sure that case will be…

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