‘Efficiency’ is the new ‘Targets’ = The massacre of the Criminal Justice system

If I have to say “we’re all in this together” once more, I shall scream!


Last night I was up until 3am working on a last minute defence case statement for a case which should have reached trial in the magistrates’ court on Friday, only it didn’t as the CPS didn’t serve the witness statements until a week previously and then wrote a scathing letter to the court when the defence had the audacity to ask for the witnesses to be present at trial. At this stage I could launch an attack on the CPS, and no doubt in time I will do, but the failure of this trial to go ahead is like many others in the courts every day, evidencing the fact that the criminal justice system no longer offers justice for anyone, victims, witnesses or defendants and is imploding. All the while it is imploding we are facing a daily barrage of comments from those civil servants and ministers who have never…

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A Game of Penal Sardines

Jaime once again shames the disingenuous political posturing of a third rate politician, well past his use by date.

A view from the North

Another week, another crisis in the criminal justice system. This week it is prison overcrowding. The Chief Inspector of Prisons has warned about the crisis that is building. The prison estate would appear to be bursting at the seams. Figures from the Howard League show there are 85,410 prisoners being held this week. This has risen by nearly 1,000 in a month. Importantly this is 12% above Certified Normal Accommodation. Some prisons (Swansea, Leicester, Lincoln) are approaching double their CNA number of prisoners.

So our Minister of Justice reacts by saying the public want to see more offenders being locked up. He says there is no problem at all. He has 1,000 empty prison spaces just waiting to satiate the public appetite for more porridge. The CNA, he says, is simply a figure that just represents an ideal of prisoners one to a cell. What if a few prisoners have…

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