Mr Whippy

“Whilst courtrooms sit empty the list of unheard cases piles ever higher. Want to fix a sex case of more than four days? That will be next year. A custody time limit case? Squeezed in to a single potential date irrespective of availability. Happen to be charged with an offence not involving a vulnerable witness and you are on bail? Well just take a seat and we will get to you eventually.”
Just how this catalogue of waste and incompetence by MoJ escapes the attention of the mainstream press, I do NOT understand.

A view from the North

Amidst the frenzy of the “Deal or No Deal” dilemma for the Criminal Bar I confess I lost sight of just how much of a mess the criminal justice system is in. Issues concerning remuneration are undoubtedly having a massive impact. Standards are plummeting in the advocacy skills on display in the Crown Court. Virtually every advocate you speak to has a plan B, an escape route. The uncertain future, where the only certainty is insufficient remuneration, is decreasing the numbers applying for pupillage to undertake criminal work. I see many advocates undertaking cases beyond their experience (a vital ally to latent ability) due to commercial pressures. That should not be read as a criticism of solicitor advocates, I detect similar problems at the Bar as well.

However the mess I speak of is not to do with fees, advocacy skills or talent drain. The whole system is in meltdown…

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