The Decline and Fall of the Criminal Justice System

It’s not like this kind of thing happens only once in a blue moon. Ministers and Civil Servants are fully aware of it. Time and again, victims, defendants, and witnesses, including the vulnerable,,are told at the very last minute, that their trials cannot go ahead. No judge, or no court, because the Government did not provide one., This includes complainants in Rape, as well as child sexual assault trials.
Just think how shattering it must be for them, having had to psyche themselves up for months, to be told they have to wait many more months.


Readers of this and other better blogs know all too well that the CJS has been crumbling around our ears for years now. Successive cuts to the infrastructure, fees, interpreters, Prison Service, general outsourcing have all contributed through successive governments to a system that is held together by the joint professions dwindling goodwill, sticking plaster, a hope and a prayer.

We all have horror stories of the inefficiencies racking up cost and expense, both in stark monetary terms and also in terms of time and consequential “indirect costs”. Be it the ludicrous prisoner transport costs – the “contract time” to get prisoners from one particular prison to Winchester CC was – wait for it – 15.30. Yes, you read that right – so long as G4S or Serco or whichever got the poor lag to court by 15:30, they were within contract and no penalties accrued. Bradford – murder trial…

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