The PDS Business Plan (I – Police Station)

Dan Bunting is devilishly good at sums. The MoJ is notoriously otherwise. Here he demonstrates the attractive economics that Grayling may well have been a aiming at all along. Cut the budget, and above all, Control The Justice System form both sides. Scary? You bet.

THIS is why the CJS has to be united, Bar and Solicitors, to resist the attempt by Government, and Grayling in particular, to monopolise our courts by stealth.

As Dan says:

“In a fair fight with private sector firms and the bar, the PDS is toast. It is also much more expensive. But the MoJ can rig the market and save money and keep more control. Ignore the PDS at your peril.”

Dan Bunting - A Life in the Bus Lane

From - not appearing in a Court near you as they're in the USA From – not appearing in a Court near you as they’re in the USA


The Operation Cotton appeal has been heard and we await the Court of Appeal’s response. One aspect that caused some level of derision in the legal community is the fact that the MoJ’s answer to the fact that people won’t do VHCCs at a 30% reduction is to bulk up the Public Defender Service (PDS), bringing in barristers (and I think that it has all been barristers. So far). Given that it’s always more expensive to employ people than have them freelance, and the salaries that they are paying are pretty tasty, how can this make any sense?

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On the face of it, that’s clearly right. If the point of the PDS is just to ‘firefight’ when naughty barristers go on strike, then this is madness. But many suspect that there is a slightly…

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