Jeffrey’s Review – Summary and Thoughts – Fusion is a coming?

Dan Bunting’s analyses on so many topics are unerringly accurate. This is no exception

Dan Bunting - A Life in the Bus Lane

From the Guardian From the Guardian


The Jeffrey’s Review into “Independent criminal advocacy in England and Wales” was released on 7th May 2014. The full report is here and worth reading. It is one of the three reports into criminal advocacy that is in the pipework.

Most people would be looking at this for ammunition in the ongoing battle with the MoJ about fees, but this was specifically excluded from the terms of reference of the report. But, as Sir Bill recognises, “legal aid fee rates are neither the whole story nor none of it. The income to be derived from doing publicly funded work clearly affects behaviour, but there are, I believe, other factors at work which deserve attention“. The Terms of Reference are in a separate document here.

There are important questions raised as to the future. Here is a very quick summary of the report and…

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