The Merchant of Epsom

This extract is a chilling crystallisations of everything that is wrong with the MoJ psyche.
“In a meeting very recently with a senior civil servant who was in town, ostensibly, to consult with the professions on the quality of ‘an independent advocacy service’ aka the bar, stressing he was not there to talk about cuts, the words ‘does it need to be excellent or can it just be good enough’ were uttered from his mouth in reference to the quality of legal representation. Whether this was an intended statement or a slip, I believe this is the mentality behind the culture at the MOJ which informs its agenda and decisions. In my view, this translates as, “what can we get away with”.

A view from the North

A further guest post on the subject of “the deal”. This one comes from a practitioner on the Northern Circuit of less than three years’ call. Once again posted anonymously.

“Do as adversaries do in law. Strive mightily then eat and drink as friends”. This was the message at the end of Saturday’s Northern Circuit meeting. So I ask myself, what am I striving for.

One of the speakers pointed out the debate was all about three letters. In my view it centres around three Ps: 1) the politics, 2) the practicalities and 3) the principles.

I won’t pretend to know or understand every nuance of the argument.

However, like any good debate there are polar opposites and then everything in between.

The politics doesn’t just mean Grayling’s politics, it includes the politics between solicitors firms, between solicitors and the bar, between chambers and of course, between the professions and…

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