Should we bank or reject the success of our campaign? by Chris Henley

I am reflagging this post, not because I agree with its conclusions, I don’t, but out of immense respect for its author Chris Henley, who has done more than anyone else I know to demonstrate to the MoJ just how wrong they are. His work on the figures has been tireless. Without him we would not be where we are today.


Should we bank or reject the success of our campaign?

A conversation

On Friday I was talking to a colleague about the ballot. He told me he had voted yes but hopes that the no vote wins. Was his behaviour pure cynicism? Let others take the difficult but necessary decision, whilst personally parading a clear conscience? Or was it a case of an angry heart ruling a more thoughtful and honest head? I have concluded it was the latter – we are all probably wrestling with this conflict – but that conversation in part has provoked this piece.

I would like to rewind very briefly.

Advocates fees have been cut relentlessly over the last 3 years, following years of no increases. I won’t repeat all the numbers. When I first read those notorious words ‘spiralled out of control’ in the first TLA paper, I instinctively doubted the truth of those…

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