Alistair Mitchell Votes Yes

The hardworking foot soldiers of the Junior Bar are the backbone of the profession, in unity with solicitors.
Here is yet another from the Midland Circuit, @carnybull who argues with precision and passion why that Junior Bar should stand up and vote Yes, for the long term future, not the short term fix.


When I moved my family from our council flat in Peckham (in a southern city now known as ‘Moscow-on-Thames’) to the relative housing sanity of the Midlands at the turn of the century, legal aid remuneration was considerably better than it is now. Even basic agency rates in 2000 eclipsed those currently offered by the CPS.

I set up on my own after enduring practice with an HoC who habitually rolled into Court with three pilot cases full of PCMH’s, leaving rent fodder (as I then was) with the odd probation breach. Ten years later, I still enjoy freedom from the rents and constraints of most conventional Chambers. With a common law practice incorporating Public Access work, I readily admit to being not so vulnerable to the effects of the cuts. That does not mean I am in favour of the terrible destruction of the criminal justice system by, of…

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